Introduction to Thailand

As you may or may not know, Thailand is one of the most heavily visited places by foreigners from all over the globe.

And not only tourists, but also many expats, workers, designers, and others end up coming to the major cities like Bangkok to work. Due to the busy economic situation many can find a way to make a living in this amazing country.

The Thailand lifestyle is great, but many people eventually want to learn about the best locations, reviews, and nightlife options.

For the foreigners they want to learn about the Thai culture and other entertainment places in the country.

Or it could be that they found employment in Thailand and need to learn how to live here.
They started a business, and need to know about some of the Thai culture etiquette.
They married a Thai national and would like to learn about his or her personalities.
They visit Thailand a few times year and are interested to know more about the place.

Of course there are many other reasons

But here we can see that there are come very good reasons why.

As for others, they make wish to read more on the tourism while they are in Thailand. This is also more popular among Thai nationals who wish to learn about tourists point of view. Others such as English, German, French, Japanese, etc. who visit the country.

The reasons are also varied, but one of the main reasons is that since Thailand is such a popular tourist place, and it attracts many different types of nationalities. So the curiosity and even need to learn a of the nightlife, restaurants, places, and site seeing always arises.